We used Raylenne for our recent family trip to Kenya and Tanzania – through Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Matthew was great – very responsive and everything went off without a hitch. Before hand we felt a bit anxious sending money off to Africa but my fears were unfounded. Matthew had someone to meet us at the airport and really we just sat back and enjoyed the ride! We saw lots of great animals and I know the guides did their best to get us to where the action was. They were very knowledgeable as well. We especially enjoyed our time with Paul who was a lively and fun guide.
One thing that I would like to share. We did a lot of research about what to wear on safari and got a lot of advice about blending in. Ha. You are in a van. The animals don’t care what you wear. We what you want. Maybe not red. On the other hand, I had heard that the areas we were going – that people dressed conservatively. As a woman, I felt more comfortable in cropped pants or a skirt rather than shorts. Seemed more respectful of others.
Glad to answer any questions. I’m telling all my friends to use Matthew if they want a great trip!

Date of experience: January 2019
Albany, New York

We had an amazing Safari in the Masai Mara. The advice and support we had from Mathew leading up to it was excellent and the service felt very personal the whole way through. Our guide Daniel was exceptional, with the just the right amount of commentary and conversation, very knowledgeable, great company and brilliant with our children.

We stayed at Kichwa Tembo which was wonderful, but this was definitely enhanced thanks to Raylenne, I would certainly recommend them for any Safari in Kenya.

Date of experience: December 2018

Raylenne’s Matthew Mutiso planned a wonderful Safari through national parks in Kenya and Tanzania. Our guide/drivers Japhet in Kenya and James in Tanzania, were outstanding in their knowledge of what we were seeing and finding animals of interest (the “big five” and many more) on each game drive, not to mention their excellent driving abilities.

Date of experience: January 2018
Z1550WXkenb, Boston, Massachusetts

Matthew (the owner) Is a very special good hearted, honest and humbled person who runs an incredible Safari Company.We are a family of four, who booked a 10 day Safari but unfortunately had a medical emergency while in Nairobi. While we were worried about our son well being, Matthew re arranged our plans so we will be able to see all what we planned despite the fact that we left Nairobi 2 days late!! He called a few times out of concern to our son, and our satisfaction with the trip. We asked for the opportunity to meet his family and thank all of them for such an incredible hospitality, care and unprecedented willingness to help.

I can’t imagine a better experience in a Safari!

Date of experience: September 2017
kelevkik, Charlotte NC USA

We started communicating with Mathew 2 months prior to our visit and his promptness and straight answers to our endless questions is what made us the settle on Raylenne safaris. On arrival at the airport the driver was already there waiting for us.With a stop over at the great rift valley (the view was great)we had booked a 4 days safari to Mara and Lk Nakuru.Our guide was an amazing guy Very patient, understanding, well-informed and he knew his way to the park his sharp eyes when it came to spotting the animals was great and within a short time we had managed to see almost all the big 5 in Mara.Everything was great and beyond our expectations. we recommend this company to anyone coming to Kenya.

Date of experience: May 2017
lwachirah, Mombasa, Kenya

Experience of a lifetime

We have traveled many place but none that was more exciting and memorable than our trip to Kenya and Uganda with Raylene Safaris. From the moment we landed at Nairobi airport, our every need was anticipated. We were met by our African guide George, who spoke excellent English. We boarded our safari van and were soon following the paved highways toward the Samburu National park, Lake, Nakuru, and Masai Mara. In each location we enjoyed comfortable accommodations and excellent meals. Each day George escorted us on morning and evening game drives. He would follow the game roads which wound among the rolling hills. At any moment we might find ourselves within a few yards of antelope, ostriches, lions, elephants, leopards, hippos, or giraffes. The animals did not fear our safari van and George would approach as close as possible. The van would stop and the roof would pop up, enabling us to stand and look over the side. We had an excellent view and took over 1000 photos of the wild creatures in their native habitat. George would explain details about many of the animals and the life-and-death events we were witnessing. We sat a few yards from a pride of lions devouring their kill. We watched giraffes and elephants as they fed on the tender leaves of the acacia trees. We saw pods of hippos jostling for space in a water hole. We watched a mother cheetah teaching her youngster the basics of finding breakfast on the arid savanna. We witnessed a battle between a pack of hyenas and a warthog as they fought over a small water hole. The warthog drove off the whole pack and claimed the muddy bog as his own. We saw thousands of flamingos performing mating dances in the acrid waters of an alkaline lake. We marveled at the amazing size and power of rhinos rooting about for food.

As a final treat, Raylene arranged for us to visit the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda where we participated in a trek to observe the highland gorillas. It began with a 2 hour trek into the mountains of Bwindi. We were in our sixties and the climb was challenging. But as we began to fall behind, our guide was good enough to move us to the front of the group so that we could set a pace that we found comfortable. Several trackers went ahead of us and located the gorilla troop that we were searching for. After two hours of hiking, they met us and guided us to the hillside where the gorillas were feeding. Then for one wonderful hour, we sat a few feet away from the troop and watched them graze on the lush foliage. Young gorillas climbed tall vines and played gorilla games among the undergrowth. At one point one of the bravest youngsters crept up and touched a member of our trekking party. After an hour with those noble creatures, we had to pack up our cameras and return to our base camp filled with the most glorious memories of our lives.

Our two week trip was an unrivaled experience. It exceeded every expectation that we had. It was a trip into areas of the world that we had never experienced. But thanks to the care and guidance of Raylene, it was uncomplicated and infinitely rewarding. If I could return to only one location in my lifetime, it would be Kenya.

Date of experience: May 2017
neilr244, Windham, Maine

Hi Mathew
We have just returned from a wonderful safari to a total of six national parks in Kenya and Tanzania through Raylenne Tours & Safaris. We did a similar trip with them in 2008. This time we took our daughter and two grandchildren (ages 19 and 17) to show them these two beautiful counties, the friendly people and the countless and diverse animals that inhabit them.

We had a great experience the first time and were certainly not disappointed this time as the quality of the service was the same. I started planning this trip in February and have had many email exchanges with Matthew at Raylenne regarding possible itineraries, arrangements and questions. Matthew is always quick and thorough in his responses back to me.

He even gave me some last minute reassurance about the safety of the places in Kenya we would be traveling to after our State Department issued additional travel warnings about the coast (which was not on our itinerary). Matthew was absolutely right! We did not feel unsafe at any time during the trip. Our driver/guide in Kenya (James) was especially wonderful. He is extremely knowledgeable about the country and the animals and made us feel adventurous and safe at the same time.

(Our grandson says he is returning to Kenya in 4 years and has put James on notice that he will be requesting his services then.) All of the arrangements were perfect and all of us have experiences we will remember for the rest of our lives. I credit Raylenne (and especially Matthew) for making it all happen. We highly recommend Raylenne to anyone thinking about an East African safari.

—– Original Message —–
To: Raylenne Tours & Safaris ; Matthew
Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2016 9:18 AM
Subject: African Safari – Letter of Appreciation

Hi Matthew,

We have finally found the time to write this letter of appreciation and thank Raylenne Tours for our most recent African Safari vacation.

In the back our minds, on the outset of our 15 day journey, we probably thought that this was going to be another splendid African wild life viewing adventure; far from it………….

As we ventured from the Royal aura of the rustic Treetops Lodge, to the pristine Lake Nakuru, then across traditional rugged African terrain to the wildlife battlefield of Masai Mara and over to the majestically serene open plains of Serengeti (a definite revisit), then back into mountainous African terrain only to be presented with the all too enthralling unspoiled splendor of the Ngorongoro Crater; at this point and just when a slowdown in the pace was needed, we found ourselves on the serene beaches of scenic Zanzibar; after a few days R&R we were onto the last leg of our adventure, a visit to the almost mystic Gentle Giants of Bwindi’s impenetrableforest in Uganda (the Mountain Gorilla’s; a truly remarkable experience & a must for anyone’s “bucket-list”); before all this was done & dusted, we quickly realised that this wasn’t just another “splendid African wild life viewing adventure”, but rather a truly “life changing experience”……….

All this would not have been possible without impeccable effort from Raylenne Tours and the associated safari guides, in particular, Joseph (Kenya) & Abdul (Tanzania); they were both great fun, professionally adventurous and extremely accommodating; as Joseph remarked on numerous occasions; “a good team has a good time, and a great team has a great time”; be rest assured we had an absolutely fantastic time; many thanks once again; GREAT job Matthew, keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

Jill & Gordon

Dear Matthew
I just want to thank you so much for your brilliant organization of our recent East African trip. I have never received such outstanding service from your company and the beautiful accommodation we stayed in my Kenya Tanzania Safari.
I can assure you that I will be recommending Raylenne Tours to all would be travelers to Eastern Africa from Australia and do not mind you referring them to me so as to assist them with the best areas to visit. Apart from your excellent organization you are a fine gentleman and a person I would gladly call a friend. Apart from that you have taught me “pole pole” and “hacuna mutata” which should enable me to live a little longer. Kwaheri Matthew
Paul williams -AUSTRALIA

Hi Matthew
I arrived home safely last night. Please accept my most warmest THANK YOU for providing Jennifer and I with an absolutely amazing safari. Julius is so special. I hope you realize that he is very kind, trusting, generous, calm and truly a wonderful person. He is a thinker…and goes above and beyond the abilities of the other guides that I saw and met on this trip. Words can not do justice on how blessed to have had him for our safari guide.
I will keep in contact with you both. Please phone him now and tell him I had a great time and am thinking of him and his family. Thank him for bringing me into his home to meet his wife, children, and grandchildren. I truly felt honored to be invited into his private life and home. Especially after finding out that I was the first client in 10 years to be invited back to meet his family. It was much more fulfilling than any museum or attraction that I could have gone to for the afternoon in Nairobi. I will never forget his kindness. And please tell him he has a gorgeous bunch to come home to after his trips!

I will miss the African way of life and all the great mud adventures.
Please keep in contact regularly. I will do my best to not let my hectic Canadian life get in the way of enjoying life. I will get organized to send photos soon. Love to my Boys!!
Heather – CANADA
Jambo Matthew!
We hope you are well.
We just want to thank you so much for organizing our East African trip last summer. The arrangements were impeccable, our accommodations were amazing, the parks incredible and the guides friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. Henry, the Raylenne driver/guide in Kenya, went out of his way to make the Kenyan part of the trip truly memorable, as did the other Kenyan drivers who took us around Nairobi and the airport. Your driver guides in Tanzania and Uganda, were equally well informed and eager to please. .

Steve and I were both astounded by the beauty of the lodges, the impeccable quality and quantity of the food and the cheerful and efficient staffs at every lodge and park in all three countries. We have never encountered such great service or friendlier people. And the sights! From the bustle of Nairobi and Kampala to the eerie starkness of Samburu, from the marvelous beaches of Zanzibar to the magnificence of Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa is gorgeous. Add to that the impeccable Masai Mara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro, the lushness of the Rift Valley, the jungles of Bwindi and desert like Amboseli.

The physical beauty of Africa was matched only by its astonishing people in the elegant Samburu, Turkana and Masai warriors and their beautiful willowy women. And the children’s bright, energetic and engaging. We recall the universal knowledge of Barrack Obamas campaign for US president among teenagers in every part of Kenya. Their understanding of American politics was far superior to most American teenagers and the intellectual curiosity bodes well for the future of your country.

Last but not least were the animals. The mountain gorillas of Bwindi, rhinoceros and flamingoes at Lake Nakuru, crocodiles and hippos in Mara River, a mother cheetah and her 5 offspring’s hunting together in Masai Mara. And lions – from the pair mating at Masai Mara to the two lionesses protecting their kill from a pack of hyenas in the Serengeti, we encountered innumerable lions of every age and gender. While leopards were rarer, the mother and cub at Samburu, the night encounter at Sweetwater’s tented camp and the one sleeping in a tree in Serengeti will be remembered forever as well as the giraffes and the herds of elephants especially at slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro Amboseli Park. Add to this the herds of impala, gazelles, Oryx, water buffalo, gerenuk, wildebeest, zebra, the swarms of monkeys and baboons and the incredible variety of birds. A truly unforgettable experience, that we owe to your careful and thoughtful planning.

In addition to this excellent organization and planning you put into our trip, it was the personal touches of meeting us at our hotel in Nairobi and seeing us off on our return flight that distinguishes you as a fine gentleman and someone we would like to think of as a friend.

Thank you once again for everything, and it was great working with you and your Raylenne Tour Company. We are saving up for a return trip and are sure that we will be working together again in the future.

Please feel free to pass on our e-mail addresses to anyone who would like to receive more information about our experience with your company.

Tom Jones and Steve Oxenrider – USA

Sent: Monday, September 22, 2008 3:26 AM
Subject: San Francisco Ladies

Matthew and Denis:

Today is Thanksgiving in USA and one of the things I am thankful for was our Kenya safari adventure in September. Denis was the best driver and exceeded our expectations for our safari game drives. Four single women and never had a moment where were not taken care of. Our customized trip and lodges were perfect. With some luck and our experienced driver we saw our “Big 5” in four days. We got to see a leopard in two different parks. The people, the food, the animals, our lodges make our stay in Kenya a trip of lifetime.

Matthew, thank you for all of your patience’s in planning our Safari trip. I would strongly recommend Kenya as a great destination and using Raylenne Safaris as your trip adviser in East Africa, Kenya Uganda Gorilla Treks, Tanzania.

Jan – USA

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From: Pamela Ronan
To: africa@raylennesafaris.com
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2008 12:48 PM
Subject: A big thank you!

Hi Matthew,

We know this is much later than I had intended to email you, but I do want to thank you so much for our holiday last October. It is most definitely a holiday that we will never forget. Kenya holds a special place in our hearts
since then, and the troubles you are experiencing sadden us.

We hope this email finds you, Henry and the rest of your crew and families
safe and well!

Kindest Regards,
Pamela & Paul

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From: UK
To: Raylenne Tours & Safaris
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 10:50 PM

13 November 2007

Hello Mathew and Joseph,

It now seems a long time ago since my wife Britt-Marie and I were in Kenya with Raylenne Tours in August 2007. Without a doubt the most exciting safari
we have ever been on. We visited 7 National Parks in 12 days, with (probably) the best and most experienced driver in Kenya. Well done Joseph!
The courteous and timely way in which the holiday was planned, the way that we were met and escorted throughout our holiday, and the professional way in
which unplanned events were managed would lead me to recommend your company to anyone in the UK who was thinking of an adventurous holiday in what must
be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I can not begin to describe how we felt when calmly eating our lunch on the banks of the river Mara we witnessed the start of the annual migration.

We wish you and your company well in the future, and rest assured that if we return on holiday to Kenya you can expect us to book through you. A very
special thanks to Joseph – a very valuable, knowledgeable and capable driver
and guide. Take care of him!!!

Best Regards,

Kevin and Britt-Marie O’Neill

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From: -USA
To: Raylenne Tours & Safaris
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2007 10:40 PM
Subject: Greetings from USA!!!!!!

Jambo Matthew, I am finally getting over the jet lag and no longer wake up
at three o’clock in the morning thinking it is time to go to work. Lois and I really fell in love with Africa. We only have the highest regard for you and Raylenne Tours and Safaris. Our trip was unforgettable and we will
always carry the most pleasant memories of our time spent with George, our guide/driver. George was thoroughly professional, knowledgeable, friendly
and went above and beyond in making our game drives special. Thank you so much for everything. We hope to be back someday.

Barbara McBratnie
EarthLink Revolves Around You.

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From: GRAHAM Nicholas – 4556
To: Raylenne Tours & Safaris
Cc: ; GRAHAM Nicholas – 4556
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2007 12:36 PM
Subject: RE:SAFARI

Hi Matthew,

Christine and I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the excellent tour organized by Rayleene. It really was fantastic to have our own private
safari as well as all the choices of lodges that we had requested. Well done! I will certainly recommend that others book direct with a Kenya tour
company like Rayleene rather than go through an intermediary in England or what have you. You get the same quality of lodges and service whilst avoiding the crowd.

We would also like to praise George. He was a very professional and safe driver and very knowledgeable about all the animals and birds. We also thought he was very discrete (particularly when his clients, me, were being rather dopey and saying things like “ah, that cheetah’s kill is still alive…[when the cheetah was relocating its cubs] etc. etc.” . We hope he
was satisfied with his tip!

Good luck with the future.

Best wishes and Asante Sana,

Nick and Christine

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From: “Heather Posno”
To: <africa@raylennesafaris.com>
Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007 3:42 PM
Subject: Home

Hi Matthew

I arrived home safely last night. Please accept my most warmest THANK YOU for providing Jennifer and I with an absolutely amazing safari. Julius is so special. I hope you realize that he is very kind, trusting, generous, calm and truly a wonderful person. He is a thinker…and goes above and beyond the abilities of the other guides that I saw and met on this trip. Words can not do justice on how blessed to have had him for our safari guide. I will keep in contact with you both. Please phone him now and tell him I had a great time and am thinking of him and his family. Thank him for bringing me into his home to meet his wife, children, and grandchildren. I truly felt honoured to be invited into his private life and home.
Especially after finding out that I was the first client in 10 years to be
invited back to meet his family. It was much more fulfilling than any
museum or attraction that I could have gone to for the afternoon in
I will never forget his kindness. And please tell him he has a gorgeous bunch to come home to after his trips!
I will miss the African way of life and all the great mud adventures.
Please keep in contact regularly. I will do my best to not let my hectic
Canadian life get in the way of enjoying life.
I will get organized to send photos soon.
Love to my Boys!!

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From: “Daniel Shewfelt”
To: <africa@raylennesafaris.com>
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2008 2:09 AM
Subject: RE: Nairobi and excursions


I just wanted to thank you and Joseph for giving me such a wonderful experience in Kenya. I had a great time and I can’t wait to get my pictures developed. I just wanted you to know that Joseph did a wonderful job as my guide and driver. He always had the van clean and ready every morning. Always had great suggestions for me about where to go and what order to do things in. And he found tons of wildlife for me down at the park. Please tell him he did a wonderful job and I appreciate it. Thank you both!!

Sincerely, Dan Shewfelt

From: Phill Thomas -UK
To: africa@raylennesafaris.com
Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2008 1:25 PM
Subject: Our safari

Dear Mathew
We wish to say thank for organising our safari with Mule,
it is difficult to describe how wonderful it was. We were out all day with Mule and he gave us a day we shall never forget, we saw every animal possible and sometimes he went beyond to bring us close to even impossible
Mule was the most delightful man and at the same time very courteous but also instilled 110% confidence in his ability to look after us and the knowledge in the job he was doing, so much so, my wife renamed him Mr Masi

Best wishes to you and Mule.

Regards Phill & Mandy Thomas

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From: “Raffaele Bartelloni” <>
To: <africa@raylennesafaris.com>
Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2008 3:38 PM
Subject: Re: 6 days safari available

Buongiorno from Florence Italy
We thank you very much for your excellent service, regarding our safari.
Paul was an excellent guide, we will suggest your number to our friends if coming in Kenya.
We also we will contact you in our next travels in Kenya.
Thank you again
best regards Bartelloni Raffaele and family

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From: UK
To: africa@raylennesafaris.com
Sent: Saturday, September 16, 2008 9:53 PM
Subject: Kenya Safari

Dear Matthew

How are things with you?
All is well here in London – we have been back almost a week now, but are
living in thoughts and memories of Kenya and Uganda.

We just wanted to thank you for organising the Kenya part of our tour and the transfer to Uganda.

We thoroughly enjoyed our days on safari in Masaii Mara and at Lake Nakuru, and would like to add that George was an absolutely fantastic driver and guide. We felt very safe in his hands, on the bumpy roads as well as off the
beaten track, and he proved to be a fountain of knowledge about the flora and fauna of the jungle. Thanks to him we saw and enjoyed so much.

Once again, thanks for organising things for us – we hope to return to Kenya one day in the future (hopefully not too distant) and so we know who we’ll
be contacting on that trip too..!!

Best Regards to you and please convey our best regards to George too.
Naresh & John

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From: paul williams -AUSTRALIA
To: Raylenne Tours & Safaris
Sent: Saturday, September 02, 2008 9:27 PM
Subject: our fantastic trip

Dear Matthew

I just want to thank you so much for your brilliant organisation of our recent East African trip. I have never received such outstanding service from your company and the beautiful accommodation we stayed in. I can
assure you that I will be recommending Raylenne Tours to all would be travellers to Eastern Africa. Apart from your excellent organisation you are a fine gentleman and a person I wopuld gladly call a friend. Apart from
that you have taught me “pole pole” and “hacuna mutata” which should enable me to live a little longer.

Kwaheri Matthew

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From: “James”
To: “Raylenne Tours & Safaris” <africa@raylennesafaris.com>
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2008 10:47 AM
Subject: Safari

Hello Matthew

I hope you are well.
This is the mail that I promised I would send.
I just wanted to say thank you for organizing our Safari. It was an amazing experience that went completely smoothly without any problems. The lodges
were all wonderful and the food was just beautiful. You should be very proud how well you look after your clients, as we heard many horror stories
whilst in Kenya from other tourists. Who had been very disappointed with the safari organizer they had booked with and it had ruined their whole experience.
Once again thank you

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To: africa@raylennesafaris.com
Sent: Wednesday, March 29, 2008 9:37 AM
Subject: Feedback

Dear Matthew

Thank you once again for everything, and it was great working with you and your Company.

Am sure that we will be working together again in the future.

Saw my client yesterday, she is my hairdresser, Claudia Feser, and she was so impressed with everything, could not stop talking.

She is also planning on doing this trip again, but a little longer this time. Also the Guide that joined them was excellent.

I would like to thank you and your team, for giving my clients a time of their life they will not forget.

Thank you and regards

Sylvia Rohda

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To: africa@raylennesafaris.com
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2008 2:50 AM
Subject: Re: ARRIVAL and HOME!

Frosty and Sandi here.
Just home yesterday. Trip went great.

Sunny Tours was nice and the driver Godfrey was just as nice as George. You know how important that is!! We had a brand new Converted Toyota Land Cruiser and it was just the 2 of us on the trip you set up. Everything went
Keep using Sunny Tours.

Thanks Matthew, we’d be happy to talk to people who would head your way so feel free to use our Email as a reference, OK? great. You arranged a truly memorable your for us. The animals were great but the 2 Masaai villages and the Kindergarden schools and the time we spent in the villages were the best.

More later.

sincerely, Frosty and Sandi

—– Original Message —–
From: Neil Ruecker -USA
To: raylenne safaris
Sent: Friday, March 03, 2008 7:13 PM
Subject: What a wonderful experience

March 3, 2008

Matthew …

Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how much we appreciate all that you did to make our dream of a lifetime come true. We took the East African
Classic safari because we may not be able to afford a second visit to Africa and we have always wanted to see the Serengeti (Tanzania), the Masai Mara
(Kenya), and the gorilla trek in Uganda. When we started out, we had many trepidations that the trip would fail to live up to our hopes and expectations. But thanks to you and our wonderful guides, this trip has exceeded every dream that we had ever dreamed. What a wonderful time.

In each of the three countries we had a different guide, but each was excellent. They knew the environment, the customs, the animals, and the history. Each of them was friendly, helpful, and an excellent companion.
Our Kenyan guide, George, was a wonderful fellow and really made us feel at
home in your country.

The gorilla trek was definitely the highlight of our trip. We got within 6 or 8 feet of a family of about 14 gorillas. One baby walked over and touched our companion. The hour we spent with the gorillas is one that we
will never forget. It was awesome. But the visit to the Masai village was another unexpected highlight. The Masai are a very proud and wonderful
people. We were welcomed into a world that is so foreign from our own.
They explained their way of life, their beliefs, their customs. We entered one of their huts and got to see the world from a whole different perspective.

The game drives were, as we had hoped, excellent. But we were astounded at how oblivious the animals were to our presence in their world. We could
drive within a few feet of most animals and they completely ignored us. We watched from a few feet away as lions devoured the remains of a Cape
Buffalo. We watched dozens of hippos jostle for space in a waterhole. We watched a warthog attack half a dozen hyenas that were occupying a disputed
mud hole. We watched lions coordinate an attack on a herd of zebra.
Wildebeests from horizon to horizon. Tree-climbing lions. A rhino walked right past our vehicle. A leopard tried to find some shade beneath one of the safari cars. Elephants, giraffes, zebra, and wildebeest walked right in
front of our vehicle. A mother cheetah teaching her cub to hunt. A lake with miles of shoreline that was pink with flamingos. Dozens of varieties of beautiful birds. Baboons that played games on the rooftops of the
hotels. The food at every lodge was excellent. The rooms were very comfortable. The service was first class and the locations were breath-taking. We swam in a pool that spilled water over the edge of the
Great Rift Valley. I worked on my journal in a lawn chair that overlooked the lush expanse of Ngorongoro Crater. The views from our rooms were always amazing. We took 1500 of the best pictures we have ever taken. The scrap book is going to take months to assemble.

As you can tell, we are very satisfied customers. If you have any future
customers who are as skeptical as I was during the planning of our safari,
please feel free to give them our name, phone number, and email address. I would be happy to reassure them that Raylene is the best and that a safari is the best vacation investment they could make.

Thanks again for helping us make this wonderful experience a reality.


Neil A. Ruecker

—– Original Message —–
To: Raylenne Tours & Safaris
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2008 7:27 PM
Subject: Safari Feedback


Judy and I have arrived home safely and are finally getting settled and back to normal after a wonderful Safari.

Our accommodations were even better than we would normally expect (or request) on a photo safari of this type. The parks, with a couple of exceptions, were full of game and we saw and were able to photograph more
wildlife than we ever expected or hoped to see. Our drivers were extremely good although challenged by the poor road conditions in many places.

We would like to give particular credit to our driver and guide, George. He was extremely knowledgeable and well informed about the habitat, animals, birds, etc. and he was quite willing to answer any questions that we may
have asked.

All in all, this safari far exceeded our wildest expectations. If you ever need an additional reference, we would be more than happy to provide one for
Raylenne Tours and Safaris.

Judy and Jerry Wagner

Dear Matthew,
Just a brief note to say thanks to you and George for a great trip! We had a fabulous time and everything was even better than we had anticipated. George, our guide and driver was excellent and extremely informed about all the animals and their habits and habitats. My husband said this was his most enjoyable vacation ever and we have been
to China, India, Asia, etc. I am writing this note as a recommendation to others who may be considering your safaris. It was a great value for the dollar (we stayed in the same lodges as the more expensive tours}, and the personalized attention to detail and to our desires were exceptional. Our Stay in Nairobi at The Stanley was also enjoyable, and everyone needs to go to the Carnivore Restaurant and the giraffe center! Tell George hello and say “bumpy roads” and watch him smile. I hope you have a great upcoming safari season!

Bob & Carole Royals
Atlanta, Ga. USA 11-28-05

We have safely returned home and and are busy catching up on everything that happened while we were gone. We had a great time in Kenya and wanted to thank you for all the help in planning the trip. We especially want to thank George for guiding us around all the different parks. He was very helpful and very patient with us as we enjoyed taking all the pictures of the animals and birds. We enjoyed everyplace we stayed at but we both thought that Larson’s Tented Camp was the favorite. We are continuing to enjoy the trip by looking at all the pictures we took. They turned out great and if you wish, we would be happy to send you a CD with some of the pictures. Thanks again and we look forward to our next trip to Kenya in
the near future.

John & ShouMing

Hi Matthew
just a line to thank you for giving us all the best holiday yet. special thanks to Joseph and Sylvester they are absolute stars.
we will be back!!
whilst writing, i wonder if you would do something for us. when we were in the mara, we visited a school near the campsite and were moved by the lack of books with which they had to work. I wonder if you would get the headmasters name and the address of the school as we would like to get in touch with him. Martin and i would like to see if we can arrange to get books from local schools here in england and get them to the school in Kenya.
If we could get the books out to you, would you be prepared to deliver them to the school when you had room in the tour bus or is there another way?
hope you can help

Hi Matthew
We safely returned to Tokyo. Thank you very much for your kind arrangements. Also please say thank you to Peter too. Our family enjoyed Kenya thanks to you and memory of Kenya remains forever.


Hello Raylenne Staff:
This is just a note of appreciation for the outstanding job of helping us organize and implement our 25th anniversary celebration. George and the rest of the staff were the consummate professionals in anticipating and satisfying our wishes. We saw the leopard on the first
day of our safari and everything else after!! We have recommended your company to several friends considering Africa and would definitely book
with you again. May all that is good greet your days.
Sam and Sheryl

Hi Matthew and Rose,
Thanks for a great trip.
We were very impressed with your organization. Please pass on our thanks to George and Big Henry (and Robert from Leopard Tours) for making our trip so enjoyable. They are a great bunch of guys and made us feel very welcome and comfortable. (tell Henry the 2nd lot Thanks!!)
Should you have enquiries from Australia don’t hesitate to give them our email address.

Thanks again and best wishes
Beth & Derick Johnston

Hi Matthew , Just a short note to say thanks for arranging the safari.
Everything went so well, thoroughly enjoyed every minute and cannot wait to return. We will certainly be in touch with you again once we have a bit more spare money.
Regards and best wishes to everyone,
Eileen & Ken Johnson

Hi Matthew
Just a quick note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most fantastic week I have ever spent. Martin, Barry and Dot are so full of the experience I am trying to stop them crying at this moment
For me, returning to the country that I love was moving to say the least Joseph was absolutely superb and I cannot thank him enough. His friendliness and knowledge made the experience all the better – look after him, he is a star

Sylvester – well how on earth he produced such superb meals with so few facilities is beyond me. Martin who has the appetite of an elephant, was defeated!!!
As for you, the organization was faultless and the ‘extras’ which you happily agreed to made me particularly, a very happy person We are today planning our next trip to Kenya in the near future and hope that both Joseph and Sylvester will be available to make the trip as enjoyable as the last week
I know that I speak for all four of us in expressing a heartfelt thank you
I will be in touch very soon

Dear Matthew, Henry and Rose,
I would like to thank you all for a truly wonderful trip. Even though we booked the trip less than 2 months before departure you were able to secure lodging and provide a guide. The trip went very well and we were able to see the “Big 6”. I was very pleased with the lodges we stayed at and the food was varied and abundant. Our guide “Henry” was excellent. He is a very safe and dependable driver as well as an informed tour guide. His knowledge
of the plants and animals was most informative. He knows the different parks and was able to get us up close to the animals for viewing and pictures.
Matthew was very helpful and made sure all of our requests were satisfied. The trip he arranged for us was a once in a lifetime adventure that we will always remember. He also arranged tours around the city for us.
He checked on our progress along the way and even met us when we arrived at our hotel upon return from Tanzania. Most impressive. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone planning a trip to Africa. Thank you again for a truly magnificent experience.
Tom & Chris Daley
Monrovia, Ca

Hi Matthew
It was lovely to meet you at last and we had another excellent holiday.
Please pass on our thanks again to Peter who did an fantastic job. We have decided that we will not be making another trip – there are lots of other places in the world that we would like to visit – but I am always happy to provide Raylenne with references for prospective clients as we have found your service efficient, your guides knowledgeable and the holiday excellent value for money.
We are now back in England and back in to the normal routine but wish all at Raylenne a very prosperous 2008.
I will forward some photos to you as soon as they are developed.
Asante sana
Paula, Chris, Vince, Alex, Tim and David

Dear Matthew and Peter,
Thank you very much for the safari. I was very impressed by the high standard of organisation. Peter’s knowledge of birds and animals is very impressive. I counted 40 species of mammal in total!

Kind Regards,

“Hi Mathew and George!
It was truly a magnificent experience to visit Africa! We appreciate your professionalism in arrangements, they were all first class. At the same time, you managed to make us feel more like guest than customers. We will recommend your services to anybody who is interested in safaris and wish you all the best in your business as well as private lives.”
Mikko & Marjo

Hello Mathew,
We are very fine and back into the daily rush. We had a lovely holiday in Kenya and have had a lot people ask us about it. I will surely forward your details to anyone who may plan a trip.
Convey our regards to Justus.

Dear Mathew,
How are you? We returned home after a delightful holiday in S. Africa and Kenya/ Tanzania. We must thank you for organising it perfectly so that we never had a moment of worry! Do give our regards to George who kept us good company during the Safari. Wishing you well for the future and with our sincere wishes to you and all the staff of your office. Good luck always and God Bless.
Ramdas, Bharathi and Maithreyi.
(Bangalore) INDIA

To the entire Raylenne staff,
” Thank you very very much for the wonderful treatment and for the lifelong memories which you provided for me in Kenya. As I told you when I was in Kenya the tours, accommodations, all the provisions which you provided were absolutely flawless and more than I expected. The most memorable experience however which outweighed the Safaris, tours, and everything else was the Love, Compassion, and Concern which was displayed towards me. May God continue to bless and prosper all that you place your hands to do.
With love and appreciation…..”
Percy Harrell

Dear Mathew,
“This is to place on record that my wife and I enjoyed our trip to E. Africa. The arrangements made by you – the vehicles you provided as also your driver cum guides were excellent. We had a marvelous time. I will recommend your firm to my friends who want to travel in Kenya.
We will always carry wonderful memories of our trip to your world…..”
With regards,
I.I. Korean.

Dear Mathew,
“We just arrived back home after some time spent in Europe, we enjoyed our trip very much and were very pleased with your services and with George who is an excellent guide. wish Raylenne a very profitable season…..”
Best regards
J. P. & Flo Di Schino

“We had a great experience on our safari. The itinerary, accommodations/food, and Peter were excellent. Thank you again for taking us for some extra site seeing on the day of our arrival in Nairobi. We were very lucky in seeing so many animals. But I want to give Peter most of the credit for his eagle eye and persistence. I recall in Masai Mara driving back and forth on one stretch of road for 15-20 minutes and not seeing anything. I was getting a bit impatient wondering what Peter was up to. Finally our patience was rewarded when we found a pair of leopards and very shortly after, another leopard. Peter had found out from other drivers that a leopard had been spotted in the area and he was determined to find them. It seems that we were always one of the 1st vans when there was a siting. I was able to get a photo of 30 Oryx that took off as soon as the 2nd van arrived. We were the only witnesses to a leopard kill of a genet. We also saw a herd of 60+ elephant migrating through the Masai Mara.
Safety – We felt safe at the tent and lodges. Peter is an aggressive but careful driver. I would like express our satisfaction with our safari. Peter was excellent with the children. He accomplished our main goal – to safely transport us and guide us in viewing the beautiful fauna and flora of Kenya. Please feel free to ask me any follow-up questions or anything else you might think of.”
Tim Roy.

Dear Matthew,
Thank you so much for our wonderful safari – the Guides – Joseph, George
and Peter were wonderful, knowledgeable, personable – all the animals we
saw – the hotels we stayed – the people we met we were very pleased. We
also appreciated all your hard work to make our trip so special. Thank you,
thank you.


Kathy and Law Fotterall


We would like to thank you for setting up our “sarfari”! You did a very good job. We enjoyed our trip very much!

Our drivers (George & Malley) were excellent and went out of their way to make
sure that we saw everything. They were very knowledgeable in the animals, birds and Africa in general. The accommodations were much nicer and elaborated than we needed. I know that some in our group were unhappy with beds and etc. We didn’t mind having twin or what ever for that short of time. I might say that I know that all can’t have perfect views in all rooms but on the lower levels the views were blocked by trees and bushes.
We could see animals heading to water holes but couldn’t see them there.

We enjoyed the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Serengeti Plains and the Ngorongoro Crater the most!
Don’t leave any of these out from future sarfaris.

Larsen’s and Amboseli were the most accommodating lodges with the most friendly staff. Steven in the dining area at Amboseli was excellent.

We enjoyed our breakfasts the most as the other meals were more gourmet. We much prefer the plain meat & potato meal than gourmet cooking with all the sauces & etc. For the most part there was something for everyone.

We may have missed it and should have known that we needed a Visa for Kenya. But in the literature thought that it only mentioned one for Tanzania. With that and tipping drivers, people at lodges, we feel that you need to raise the amount of money that people need to have with them. It would be better to have to much than be short.

Generally we did enjoy our trip.
Thank you and God Bless you.

Phyllis and Alan Sanders – USA

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